65% of people seeking care for parents are daughters

Carehome.co.uk has found that when it comes to arranging care for their parents, it turns out that daughters are the unsung heroes! Out of 10,718 care seekers who reached out to the website between May and December 2023, a staggering 65% were daughters.

Daughters are stepping up in organising care for their parents. It’s no small feat, considering the time and emotional energy it takes to ensure your mum or dad are well taken care of.

January seems to be the prime time for this crucial task. It’s when sons and daughters realise, often during the Christmas period, that their parents need a bit more attention. Carehome.co.uk experienced a massive surge in site traffic at the beginning of 2023, with almost 350,000 more people checking it out in January compared to December 2022.

Further data from carehome.co.uk reveals that in most cases, a care home is needed relatively urgently, with 20% (one in five) of care seekers needing to find a care home within a week, and 38% within a month and 25% within one to three months.

Cheryl Hossle, who shared her own struggles in finding long-term care for her parents. “It’s a huge responsibility,” she explained. “I had to consider my parents’ current and future needs, not just the physical ones, but the social and emotional aspects too.”

Between May and December 2023, carehome.co.uk had 18,041 care seekers making inquiries. Of these, 58% were sons and daughters, with daughters taking the lead at 65%. Sons made up 33%, and there’s a mysterious 2% who remain unknown.

Daughters are controlling the care-seeking scene, and January is the month to kick things into high gear. It’s a challenging journey, but the unsung heroes are making sure their parents get the care they deserve.

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