Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our care

 We offer a variety of different care services and will work with you to build a bespoke care package that meets your individual needs.. 

To organise a care package, simply call your local River Exe Healthcare team to discuss your options. We are also happy to arrange a visit at your home to talk about your needs and wishes. We’ll then take care of the rest! 

 The fees charged are dependent on the type of care package and needs of the individual client. Depending on your personal financial situation, you can either pay the fees privately, receive benefits arranged by social services, or have your care paid by the NHS. 

Your local council’s social work team are obliged to perform an assessment of your care needs if you request it. If they agree that you need care, they will then undertake a financial assessment. 

 Yes. Our preferred method of payment is Direct Debit. You are still able to pay via cheque to the office. 

 If you are considering additional support for you or a loved one, the option to remain at home is less disruptive allowing you to remain in surroundings you are happy and comfortable with, as well as to continue with your day to day activities. 

Home care is a more cost effective approach allowing you to only pay for the care you receive. 

We provide a variety of services ranging from home care, to complex community care. You can find a break down of these services on the care information pages or press here for home care / complex care. 

If you are a commissioner or healthcare professional looking to source care or wish to speak to us further please click here to be taken to our professional page.

 Whether or not you have to pay for your care will be determined by your local authority or council. They will be able to carry out a needs assessment to identify what care you may need and a means test and establish whether or not you will need to make a contribution towards any care. 

The situation at the moment (Feb 2021) is that you may be eligible for support with any care costs if you have less than £23,250 in savings. 

You can find out more and the process you need to follow on the Cornwall Council website Help to Stay Living at home page. 

If you are funding your own care, just get in touch with us at your closest office and we will then discuss your requirements with you. 

We will usually arrange an Initial Assessment at your home to talk to you in person, before then confirming a package of support with you. 

Once we are both happy with the detail, we can start providing support. We can usually move quite quickly to get new care packages in place. 

If an authority is arranging your care, they will usually contact us first with your contact information, following which we will then get in touch to arrange the details. 

The duration of the visit and what support you will be provided with, will all be agreed in advance and will be confirmed to you in writing. 

Should your requirements change, just get in touch with your local office so they can review your package and make any amendments as needed. 

To increase or decrease your care package at any time, please speak to your local office who will revisit your care package and adjust the requirement accordingly. 

We have a wonderful team of carers who all work hard to provide the best quality care. 

Our aim is to keep your care package as consistent as possible. The number of carers that visit you will be kept to a minimum, however you will meet more than two carers to allow for periods of holiday, sickness, and scheduled days off. 

In addition, we carry out regular reviews of your care package to ensure our services and carers are all meeting your needs. 

All of carers follow a 12 week induction, training and probation program whether they are new to care or experience. 

All training is delivered by our own in house trainer so that we can ensure the quality and consistency of learning as well as ensuring we keep up to date with latest best practices. 

In the unfortunate circumstance that your carer is going to be late, we have processes in place that enable us to notify you of any changes as well as utilise other staff if we need to. 

Each visit our carers will make notes about the visit; when the next visit happens, these notes are reviewed and updated with the current situation. 

In addition our registered managers, will make regular visits to ensure you are happy with the day to day care being provided. 

We also use an Electronic system called PASS, this allows the office to to have up to date information on your care visits, and the PASS care notes are reviewed within 24 hours. 

Our care team are fully trained in infection control and additional measures required for the control of COVID. 

We have access to a plentiful supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and will continue to follow additional precautionary measures for the time being. 

The standard opening times for contacting our offices are between 9am – 5pm week days. If you have a concern about staff arrival, our on call teams are available between 6am and 9am and between 5pm – 10pm. 

All medical emergencies should be referred directly NHS 111 or to the emergency services. 

We would ask you to get in touch with your local office if you have any issues as soon as possible in order that we can investigate. 

Questions about working for us

Yes. Our contracts are zero hours, although with working within the care sector there are hours available.

Yes, you do get paid holiday, your entitlement depends on how many hours you’ve worked over the previous 12 weeks of employment.

When you join our team experienced or not you will be fully supported and immersed into our in house training program delivered by our trainers. 

You will complete a 12 week induction period with full training covering amongst other things, manual handling, first aid, safeguarding, ,medication, , infection control, COVID and much more. The training will culminate in you gaining your Care Certificate. 

After your standard training, you will begin by shadowing experienced staff to understand the processes and procedures. The shadowing will continue as long as is needed for us all to be happy and confident with you completing the day to day tasks; you will then progress on to double handed visits. 

All the time you will be fully supported by your team and managers who will always be on hand to answer questions and queries. 

Yes you are paid mileage and every April you can also claim further money back form the government.

Yes we do. It starts with a £250 referral fee payable at a different periods dependent on whether the referred person is an experienced carer or not. If you join our team, we will provide more information on this. 

  • List bonus scheme and perks 

Please click here to be taken to the vacancy page where you can complete and initial enquiry form, someone from the team will be in touch to speak with you further and arrange an interview.


"All the staff very helpful, particularly the caring staff. They go the extra mile, and I can assure you all it is very much appreciated."