Support you need at home.


Person Centered Care

The River Exe Healthcare Home Care service is designed to offer compassionate, professional support to you or a loved one who may require assistance with daily living activities at home.

Our comprehensive range of services is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual, with a focus on promoting independence, maintaining dignity, and enhancing overall quality of life.

Our dedicated team of carers are trained to provide personalised care, with sensitivity and respect. Whether it’s Personal Care, Medication Support, Companionship, or Nutritional Support, our home care services aim to improve the overall health and well-being of our clients, providing peace of mind for both clients and their families.

We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment, allowing you or a loved one to live comfortably and with dignity at home.

Care Expertise

We are a nurse-led service with a highly-skilled team of carers expertly trained, and kept up to date in techniques to allow them to deliver the best quality care for our clients.

Support suited uniquely to you

Our person-centred approach to care, means we will create care packages that meets our clients' exact needs and requirements.

Peace of mind

Our team support our clients to live their best life as independently as possible, with peace of mind that they are always fully supported.


We implement the latest in best practices from the technology we use to support our clients to how we train, manage and support our teams


Personal Care

At River Exe Healthcare the cae we provide is unique to your needs and preferences in the comfort of their own homes.

Our dedicated team of compassionate carers is committed to ensuring the highest standard of care and assistance for our clients.

From grooming and hygiene support to assistance with bathing and dressing, we prioritise your personal well-being and dignity.

Our carers are skilled in providing mobility assistance, helping with transfers, and maintaining a safe environment within your home.

With a focus on maintaining independence and promoting a sense of well-being, we can provide peace of mind for both clients and their families.


Medication Support

We understand the importance of medication management for maintaining health and well-being and will support you to receive your medications safely and accurately.

Our experienced carers are trained to assist with medication reminders and administering medications as prescribed by healthcare professionals.

We prioritise adherence to medication schedules as prescribed.

Our goal is to provide peace of mind to both clients and their families by promoting medication compliance and helping individuals stay on track with their prescribed treatment plans.


Access to the Community

As part of our home care service we can help you to fully engage with the community, attend appointments, and enjoy recreational activities.

Our Care Teams are able to support the enhancement social connections and promote an active lifestyle where possible.

Our dedicated carers accompany clients on outings, providing assistance with transportation, mobility, and navigating the community. Whether it’s attending medical appointments, shopping, running errands, visiting local attractions, or participating in hobbies and recreational activities, we ensure that your or your loved on ¬†have the freedom and support to enjoy time outside the home.



We understands the importance of companionship and the positive impact it can have on overall well-being by providing social interaction and emotional support.

Our compassionate carers build meaningful relationships with clients, offering a friendly and empathetic presence. They engage in stimulating conversations, play games, read together, or simply provide a listening ear.

We aim to alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation, promoting a sense of belonging and improved mental well-being. Whether it’s sharing meals, going for walks, or participating in hobbies and interests, our carers can provide companionship and enhance overall quality of life.


Nutritional Support

We recognise the crucial role that nutrition plays in maintaining good health and overall well-being and can ensure that you receive proper nourishment and dietary assistance.

Our team of knowledgeable carers works closely with you to help you maintain your meal plans and assist with grocery shopping and the preparation of well-balanced meals. 

We can also provide education and guidance on healthy eating habits and can support specialised diets, such as gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, or vegetarian/vegan options. We strive to promote balanced nutrition and help your or loved one maintain independence by assisting with dietary needs.


Our Process


Initial Enquiry

When you first ask about our service, we will ask where you need care, how often and for how long. This will help us determine whether we are able to support you and how much it will cost per hour.


Inital Assessment

If you are happy with our costs, we arrange a visit. One of team will do a full home assessment to get a complete picture of the care you need and the environment. We can then create a bespoke care plan.


Start Date

After we agree on your care plan, we will set a start date with you. We will provide you with a folder of our documentation and carers will be scheduled to start supporting you, with a Team Leader as your main point of contact.